Carmel Victor

Eastside Community Ministries Will Host Charity Auction

by Carmel Victor on January 27, 2016 at 8:22 am
Eastside Community Ministries Will Host Charity Auction
Photo by Carmel Victor

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- If you’re still on the fence about what to do on valentine’s weekend, how about taking your loved one out to the mall to support a good cause?

Eastside Community Ministries is teaming up with the Colony Square Mall for a Charity auction.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how many people come out. And also all the different chairs they donate. And getting the word out there about what Eastside Community Ministries does and what we stand for,” said Executive Director Jamie Trout.

This is the 1st time Eastside Community Ministries have done something like this.Trout said she is hoping to turn this into an annual event. Each chair that will auctioned off will also feature an incentive. Trout said they will have both a live and silent auction.

“Our ultimate goal is to have that one fundraiser that Eastside can own. And that we can help other businesses and organizations and partners get their names out there and just have a good time,” said Trout.

There are currently over 30 chairs entered, and Trout said they are still accepting more chairs. For more information, you can call (740) 452-7519.