Gas Prices Continue to Fall, Residents Rejoice

by Kandee Ferrell on January 21, 2016 at 2:42 am

Gas prices continue to drop as February approaches. Those in the buckeye state are paying less than two dollars a gallon in most areas.

Local drivers can fill their tanks with regular fuel for less than $1.60 at stations on Maple Ave. in Zanesville and Maysville Pike in South Zanesville. Diesel drivers are also celebrating prices below two dollars in the Y-City. Residents said the low cost at the pump is helpful during the winter months.
“I plow with a diesel pick up,” said area driver Cameron Roberts. “I plow snow with a diesel pick up so I run 60, 70 gallons a week. It’s just awesome because of the fact that [gas costs] $1.89 here. I don’t have to worry really about spending a whole lot of money at once.”

“[It] seems like in the winter time, everyone thinks ‘well you don’t use as much gas’ but you have to let stuff sit and run and warm up so it’s great that they (gas prices) are coming down,” said area driver Mark Stotts. “It’d be nice if they’d get down more.”

As the cost of oil drops and oil refinery capacity remains strong, the United States could see gas prices as low as $1.00 per gallon in some places and area drivers in Zanesville say they look forward to prices at the pump staying low as the year continues.

“So this should help the medium income people that have kids and hopefully it’ll stay low this coming summer so that they can take a nice vacation,” said area driver Jeff Dittmar.

“Yeah it would be great if it would stay that way,” said Stotts. “I think it would help everybody out.”

Some of the lowest prices in town are on Maysville Pike in South Zanesville, floating just above $1.50.