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Muskingum University Students Volunteer At Christ’s Table

by Ross Caruso on January 18, 2016 at 9:19 am


On Monday morning, students of Muskingum University gave their services to help provide a hot meal to the people of the community at Christ’s Table.

Keely Warden, Executive Director of Christ’s Table said that she’s extremely thankful for the students who volunteered.

“Thank you for coming out, first and foremost thanks for setting an example for other students that might have taken this holiday as an opportunity to sleep in. The Muskingum students did not sleep this morning, they were out early doing what the great Martin Luther King said to do and that’s to serve,” said Warden.

There were a total of 18 students from the university that came over to help at Christ’s Table this morning. Given that, the students took turns working in shifts in order to get the proper volunteering experience that they deserved.

Bethanie Brown, a senior at Muskingum University said that she enjoys giving back.

“I’m really big on community service and I want to give back to those around me. I want to make an impact on somebody’s life, so that’s why I do it,” said Brown.

Brown said that she encourages anyone in the community to get involved in volunteering because it’s a great feeling to have a positive impact on somebody’s life.

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