Brittany Clark

New Years Resolution for 2016

by Brittany Clark on January 1, 2016 at 10:41 am

The count-down for the new year is less than six hours And lots of folks say they are looking forward to a positive start.

The Winerak is crowded with customers preparing for their New Year’s Eve festivities.

“To bring in my New Year I’m probably going to stay at home have a couple friends come over and be with my family. It’s my new born baby first new year so I am excited about that. Just like bring new years in with family really,” said Wesley Bradford.

“Well I’m going to drink me some Blue Moon, have me a shoot of Hennessy and wait for the ball to drop,” said Loranzio Rush.

“Bringing in the New Year with my girl-friend, we going to be with friends and family. We going to celebrate and have a good time. We are going to stay in stay off the roads and just enjoy fellowship and having a blessed day,” said Terry Shepard.

We asked those same people if they had a New Years Resolutions for 2016 and each of them said they hope for a positive year.

“My resolution would probably be success with my daughter in college, playing basketball and then my high school basketball team I wish a lot of success.”

“Oh yeah, my resolution is for the next year I’m not going to deal with anything negative, no matter if it’s on the news or with friends or anything and I’m going to concentrate on the positives to make sure that I have a good life next year.”

“I guess to make my wife more happier something like that, make the family happier, do what I can.”

If you plan to make a New Year’s Resolution, experts say try to stick to it as much as possible.