Carmel Victor

Ohio Department of Transportation is Ready For the Snow to Fall

by Carmel Victor on January 11, 2016 at 9:44 am
Photo by Karysa Kent

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Ohio Department of Transportation is gearing up for the first significant snowfall of the season in our area.

The trucks are loaded and fueled. The drivers are well rested and the salt is ready to go. This year ODOT is actually trying something new in addition to the salt.

“This year we’re actually using straight brine during events. This year if you’re on intestate you’re going see actual tanker trucks out there that’s putting straight liquids down. It’s something different new. It looks a little odd seeing water hitting the ground. But it’s an actual liquid deicer that will help keep the snow from bonding to the pavement. It’s something that several different districts and other counties across the state use. We’re trying to increase liquid usage. It will really improve our service,” ODOT Muskingum County Manager Phil Valentine.

Valentine said the majority of trucks will be out at midnight but there will be some out during the commuting hours of the morning.

“In the morning you’re going to want to be careful in the morning commute, leave early, slow down. If you see a salt truck keep in mind that we will be running a lot slower than the normal speed of traffic. So when you see the light coming up, the green and amber lights. You want to make sure you slow down. Get over for us. Watch out of our plows. We’ve had a few clipped in the past. You just want to make sure you give enough distance. A lot of time our drivers are looking back to make sure materials is coming out of the truck. If you too close it blinds our drivers. Just them plenty of distance. Move over when you can. And just slow down and be prepared for a not so decent morning,” said Valentine.

ODOT wants to ensure the safety of all roadways in our county.