Brittany Clark

State Troopers Asking Drivers to Move Over for Emergency Responers

by Brittany Clark on January 15, 2016 at 6:58 am


If you see emergency response vehicles on the side of the road while you are driving, you probably switch lanes out of courtesy. But, there is a law that actually requires you to do so.

Ohio’s Move-Over law has been in effect since 2004 however, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is making an extra effort to promote the law through educational aspects to help keep their fellow drivers and law enforcement officers safe while on the road.

“The purpose of the law is to enhance the safety of the people alone the roadway, whether it be a tow-truck driver hooking up to a car or us alongside the road on a traffic stop investigating a crash,” said Lieutenant Matt Boyd.

Lieutenant Boyd said if there’s an emergency vehicle parked on the side of the road they are required to have signs up or some type of flashing light to give drivers a heads up to slow down and move over.

“According to the FBI from 2005-2014, 97 law enforcement officers across the country were struck by vehicles and killed during traffic stops and crashes. The Highway Patrol had 67 patrol cars were struck from 2011 to 2015 do to these types of incidents,” said Lieutenant Boyd.

Lieutenant Boyd said the penalty for failure to move over in Muskingum County is $115.