Brittany Clark

Task Force to Address Marijuana Legalization in Ohio

by Brittany Clark on January 14, 2016 at 6:58 am


State lawmakers are examining potential steps to address a statewide issue that Ohioans voted against in the fall.

The Ohio House has put together a Task Force to examine if the legislators should be taking another look at the medical marijuana legislation. We talked to the CEO of Muskingum Behavioral Health, Steve Carrel who said the issue should ultimately be determined by science and doctors.

“My position is the position of a lot of people in Ohio, put it through the riggers of science. The DEA, everybody back off and lets put it through science and lets see if it does anything and if it does God bless. If it reduces kids seizures lets get it in the factors make it and get it out. If it does whatever people say it does lets test it, make it and get it out. I’m not against people getting their medicine, what I am against is poor medical practice,” said Carrel.

Carrel said he personally doesn’t support the legalization of marijuana, but he said you may see a marijuana legalization question on the ballot again in the fall.

“The legislative Task Force is going to go out and from the sounds of thing they’re going to go out and talk to people and study what is this thing called marijuana is it something that we want to tackle for people that are for and against. Carrel said, “let your legislators know especially those that are on the task force your feelings about medical marijuana.”

Late Thursday evening, task force members were announced. They included former Ohio Attorney General, Betty Montgomery, Muskingum County Sheriff, Matt Lutz and advocates for medical marijuana.