Carmel Victor

Zanesville City Schools Address Bed Bug Concerns

by Carmel Victor on January 8, 2016 at 8:01 am

ZCSchools imageZANESVILLE, Ohio- There is health concern found at a local school district.

Students at Zanesville City Schools were sent home with a letter Friday. Administrators recently found a bed bug in a classroom at National Road Elementary. The letter said it is unlikely for bed bugs to be spread in schools, officials said they have conducted inspections and treated the areas where the bed bug was found.

“In regards to bed bugs that are found in the district we send a letter home. As far as bed bugs in the school, anytime we find one that letter would go home to inform parents. But also in addition to that it tells them what we’re going to do in regards to those bed bugs. There’s not necessarily bed bugs in the school. But if a student comes in with a bed bug we deal with it immediately,” said Superintendent, Dr. Doug Baker.

Administrators do not want to alarm parents. They said they want to be proactive and transparent with the community as they deal with this issue.

“There is an issue in the community with bed bugs. We’re trying to work with the families that are experiencing some problems with their homes right now. As well as the health department to get that taken care of. Because it’s a recurring problem in a couple places. It’s frustrating for those families. It’s also frustrating for the schools, obviously it makes it a little tense for the other parents as well. It’s such a nuisance and it can become an expensive nuisance to take care of. If that happens in their home.” said Dr. Baker.

Administrators said if you have concerns for you or your child, contact your doctor.