Brittany Clark

Black History Month Celebration at St. Paul AME

by Brittany Clark on February 5, 2016 at 11:33 am

 The 14th Annual Black History Month celebration is presented by St. Paul AME.

The Putnam Underground Railroad Education Program celebrates Black History Month with four free events. This year the community is invited St. Paul AME from 3 p.m to 4 p.m each Sunday to enjoy gospel, modern and jazz music while learning the history of the African American heritage.

"We want to inspire and and make sure our students learn and embrace the history that has been place upon them. Our textbooks do not carry every bit of history so sometimes programs like this will help the students realize the important role that minorities have played in the united states," said Kathy Brantley

Brantley said it’s important they enhance their audience with a concise impression of the people from the past during these programs because, once you know your past you can grow.

"People will be standing up clapping their hands, and taking in joyful music. Their hair will be standing up on their arms and they will all be filled with a soulful enjoyment of the joy that the music will bring them. I am very confident that everyone will enjoy each program and I am really confident that they’ll leave with knowledge that they did not know before and I am very happy that we’re able to put on a program that of this magnitude," said Brantley.

Brantley said our past is full of rich history and it’s pivotal to continue these traditions.