Carmel Victor

Muskingum County Planning Commission Propose Utilities Plan

by Carmel Victor on February 1, 2016 at 6:41 am

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Muskingum County Planning Commission met with county commissioners Monday.

Executive Director Andrew Roberts discussed the possibility of a utilities plan in the county.

“Just taking a look at what we currently have capacities across the county. And where we want to push utilities. Where we can actually get the biggest bang for our buck. We’re doing a little planing 5,10,15 years down the road to see where we are going to be. Where we need to be with our utilities at that point,” said Roberts.

The plan would provide real world scenarios for expansion and replacement and the goal would be to ensure that tax dollars are being spent wisely.

“When we do a little bit of research and background work on this. It makes our jobs a little bit easier. Moving forward when we get calls from people about whether waters is going to be brought out to this area. Or the sewer is going to be run out to here. It takes a little bit off of that side,” said Roberts.

Roberts said the next step for commissioners to make a decision on this plan. Then he will know what steps to take moving forward.