Carmel Victor

Judy Ivoska and Marc Nickles Are Gallery G’s Artists of the Month

by Carmel Victor on March 30, 2016 at 7:30 am
Judy Ivoska and Marc Nickles Are Gallery G's Artists of the Month
Photo by Quay DeVoll

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The 1st Friday of each month we showcase an artist. The Gallery G in the Masonic Temple downtown is featuring two artists month Judy Ivoska and Marc Nickles.

We stopped by the Masonic Temple to interview the 2 time honoree. Ivoska has been painting for 16 years. She’s a student of Priscilla Bridwell. Ivoska shared where she finds her inspiration for her paintings.

“I don’t travel a lot but I travel in my mind. I’ve been to the seashore. I’ve lived in cottages in England. And most recently we’ve been to Italy with several of my paintings which we have in our home,” said Ivoska.

She also has advice for aspiring artist.

“I think we’re in such a busy world right now, that we don’t take the time to really look and see what’s around us. Open your eyes to see really enjoy it. Look up look down and all around. There is always a certain point of a painting where you almost want to give up. But you have to keep going until you get those refine details on the tail end. That’s what makes it pop. You just don’t give up you keep going,” said Ivoska.

In addition to the art walk this Friday Gallery G is have a concert in the ballroom. For a small fee of $5 you can see The Wayfarers.