Carmel Victor

Scholarship Central Hosts March Madness Open House

by Carmel Victor on March 22, 2016 at 10:53 am
Scholarship Central Hosts March Madness Open House
Photo Quay DeVoll

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Scholarship Central Access Program has extended its hours.

Scholarship Central is hosting a March madness open house with extended hours through March from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. with advisers available.

“Usually, 2 weeks before our major deadline which is April 1st. We just hope that students will come in. They will get help with their scholarships or it can just be a time for them to come in focus on it. I know that working at home sometimes or at the school can be overwhelming so we just try to provide a place for them to come to work on the scholarships and to get help if they need it,” said Muskingum County Community Foundation Educational Assistant Katie McCarty.

Advisers at Scholarship Central will help students with filling out scholarship and college applications, FAFSA, and even offers help with essay writing.

“All they have to do is just walk in. We will have them sign up to keep track of people coming in. Have them log in right when they walk in. And that’s all there is to it,” said McCarty.

Scholarship Central is located at the Muskingum County Community Foundation at 534 Putnam Avenue. For more information, contact Scholarship Central Access Program at (740) 453-5192.