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State of The City Address

by Ross Caruso on March 1, 2016 at 3:52 am

Mayor Tilton began his Monday night State of the City speech by talking about the vast accomplishments in the City of Zanesville this past year.

“In 2015 we put 1.9 million dollars into the Secrest Auditorium and also had thirty seven thousand guests come through the auditorium. We put 1.8 million dollars into street improvements and worked on the police department by giving them more money for training,” said Tilton.

Tilton said that his jobs has two parts: First is to ensure that the people of Zanesville are getting the services and facilities they need and the second part is to plan for the future of Zanesville.

“For this year we are looking at the comprehensive plan which is a look on how we use the land around our city, transportation goals, parks and recreation, and other things within the city,” said Tilton.

Tilton said that he’s only going to be mayor for a couple more years, but he wants to make sure that the people of Zanesville are enjoying their time here and will continue to enjoy once he’s gone.

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