Carmel Victor

The John McIntire Library hosted “Heart and Soul”

by Carmel Victor on March 14, 2016 at 9:01 am
The John McIntire Library hosted "Heart and Soul"
Photo by Karysa Kent

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The John McIntire Library hosted “Heart and Soul” a reading of poetry and spiritual essays Monday.

Poet Lawrence Kessenich and his wife, Essayist Janet Kessenich read from each of their recently published books “Age of Wonders” and “Music Lessons for Spirit.” both share with us advice for aspiring writers.

“If you really want to become a good writer it takes time. It takes practice. It takes lots of failure. And you really need to be persistent. Its a huge part of it,” said Author Lawernce Kessenich.

“What do I want to say. Saying it cleanly and clearly. And going from there and turning it into art over time,” said Author Janet Kessenich.

Lawrence also shared some common mistakes writers wanting to be published tend to make.

“They try to figure out what it is that the public wants. Unless you’re writing in something like romance, or a very clear genre like that never going to get you anywhere. As Janet said, you have to find out what’s in your heart and be willing to put that out there. And just hope that it will resonate with people,” said Lawrence Kessenich.

Both books are available for purchase at