Carmel Victor

USDA Officials Meet With County Commissioners

by Carmel Victor on March 10, 2016 at 6:31 am

USDA Officials Meet With County CommissionersZANESVILLE, Ohio- Officials from the United States Department of Agriculture visited Muskingum County Thursday.

Their group met with Muskingum County Commissioners to talk about funding for water and, sewer projects and community programs.

“Water and sewer we offer 40 year terms fixed interest rates for projects anywhere outside of the city of Zanesville. Population is a limiting factor for us. It has to be below 10,000 population for water and sewer. For community facilities the population limit is 20,000. So it has to below 20,000 for those projects. But we can do lots of different projects there,” Community Programs Director David Douglas.

Douglas said police and fire stations, the jail or even medical facilities can qualify for their community facilities program.

“We’ve been around a long time. We’ve done this all over the state since the 1930s. And many times part of the reason we’re doing outreach is because folks haven’t heard about us. And don’t know that these programs exist. They really can be beneficial programs for the folks that end up qualifying for them” said Douglas.

To learn more you can contact Douglas (614) 255-2391.