Brittany Clark

American Pride Power Equipment Hosts ‘Community Clean Up Day’

by Brittany Clark on April 18, 2016 at 4:11 am

In the act to keep our city clean,  American Pride Power Equipment is having a ‘Community Clean-Up day.’

Clean up day is a community-wide effort that aims to pick up trash from the city’s streets and on and off ramps. Volunteer Sean Brady said today was a perfect day to get out and service the community.

“The winter months there are always stuff that are left behind. Nobody is outside so this time of the year it’s always nice to get out and clean everything up and make sure the community is just a little more appealing to everyone else. And make sure it looks better for everyone leaving here and enjoying this beautiful weather outside,” said Sean Brady, Vice President, Zanesville Jaycees.

Said it feels good to have the members of the community get out and clean up the streets to make our town better represented for the people that pass through.

“It’s just nice, we have a sign below our counter that says ‘we the people.’ this is our town our area if we want it to look nice it’s up to us,” said Ryan Dodson, President of American Pride Power Equipment. “When a few people get together and do good stuff good things happen.”

Dodson said this the first year they organized ‘Clean up Day* and hopes to make it an annual event.