David Carl Kinder II

Dillon State Park Hosting Regatta National Championship

by David Carl Kinder II on May 27, 2016 at 6:00 am

NASHPORT, Ohio – Starting Friday and running through the rest of the weekend, Dillon State Park will host the Scholastic Rowing Association of America Regatta.

Dozens of high schools from all across the country will come to Nashport to compete for the title of best rowing team in the nation. Emery Bergmann, who competes for Montclair High School in New Jersey, made the 12-hour drive to Ohio to the competition.

“Crew is this sport we’re you get a bunch of kids in a boat and what you do is row down the river and a Regatta is just a big host of boats rowing down rivers and it’s really painful, but fun,” said Bergmann laughing.

The events begans at Dillon on Friday. 91 schools from all across the United States will compete over Memorial Day weekend in a number of different events. The nearest high school to Muskingum County in the regatta is Upper Arlington High School, which is in a Columbus suburb.

Not everyone had as far of a drive as Bergmann. Jacob Faust, who rows for St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland said there are a lot of misconceptions about crew.

“I think the biggest mistake is that it’s not arms,” said Faust. “It’s only about five percent arms. It’s about 80 percent legs. It’s really physically exhausting. It’s not canoeing. It’s pretty tough. It’s a lot of everything, you have to be mentally and physically tough because there are times in the race you are next to a boat and you can’t get past them, it’s just a mental perseverance to get past that part.”

The national championships will run through Sunday and are free to the public.