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John Glenn High School Hosts Mock Crash For Students

by Ross Caruso on May 2, 2016 at 9:37 am

John Glenn High School had a mock crash on Monday to show students the effects of drinking and driving.

“There are lots of situations that kids may face and we wanted to have a simulation of a car cash so when they are out this weekend with their friends at parties they remember this experience,” said Steve Brooks, Principal at John Glenn High School.

Brooks said that he has experienced this before as an educator and has lost some of his students due to drinking and driving.

“Several years ago when I was at Caldwell, we had a young man who I coached and taught that hit and killed two of his classmates that I had as students after attending a party. I just wanted our kids to know that this is not a fantasy, this is real life, this does happen,” said Brooks.

Brooks said that this event wouldn’t have been done if it weren’t for a students mother proposing the idea, along with all of the emergency departments that attended.

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