Brittany Clark

Maysville High School Presents ‘Bring Your A-Game to School’

by Brittany Clark on May 20, 2016 at 4:56 am

A jaw-dropping event to inspire local students to be all they can be took place Friday.

The Army National Guard presented the ‘Bring Your A Game to School’ at Maysville High School. This is an event that aims to entertain students while inspiring them with a positive message. Staff Sergeant, Luke Lawrence said this show is geared towards juniors and seniors but, the Maysville Elementary students participated in the festivities as well.

"The National Guard is actually stationed all over Ohio, a lot of the time the students may not see it in their home town, they don’t see us out training. We find it important to get out in the community to help them out and to give back, as well," said Luke Lawrence, Staff Sergeant for the Army National Guard.

During the event the AGA Nation BMX riders performed daredevil leaps and stunts while the performers delivered messages to help students put into action what it takes to be successful.

"Just that, hard work pays off and the National Guard lives by the army values and those value are a lot of things that will help them be successful on a civilian side as well," said
Staff Sergeant Lawrence.

Staff Sergeant, Lawrence said they are also looking for students to join their team through the National Guard and they are offering 100 percent college tuition to help students with their education process.