David Carl Kinder II

Muskingum County Community Foundation Awards College Scholarships

by David Carl Kinder II on May 31, 2016 at 5:01 am


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Community Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars to local student to help make college a little more affordable. Tuesday, they hosted a reception to hand out certificates and to bring together the scholarship recipients and their donors.

This year the foundation awarded 20 different scholarships to 63 students who are already in college or are recent high school graduates. Brian Wagner, who is the CEO for the foundation say that the average scholarship awarded equals $1,000. Wagner also said that this is rare chance to unite donor and student.

“The idea was bring the donors and also bring the recipients together and give them a chance to talk, get to know each other, find out a little big about what they’ll be doing at the next level,” said Wagner.

One of the many scholarships awarded was the Jesse Miller Scholarship. Mary and Carl Miller founded the scholarship 18 years ago after their son suddenly passed away. The scholarship goes to a West Muskingum High School student who embodies their son’s work ethic. This year’s recipient was Shelby Hewitt.

“We look for someone who has had to overcome some kind of problem in their life,” said Mary Miller. “We look for someone who is well liked by their peers and trusted by their peers and by the teachers. It’s very difficult to narrow it down to one or two. Every year we have to give it a lot of thought.”

For more information about the Muskingum County Community Foundation you can visit their website at www.mccf.org.