Carmel Victor

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Addressed Noon Rotartians

by Carmel Victor on May 17, 2016 at 4:18 am
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Addressed Noon Rotartians
Photo by Quay DeVoll

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s Public information officer addressed noon Rotarians Tuesday.

The PUCO exists to ensure the fair price of public utility services. And PUCO is responsible for facilitating competitive utility choices for Ohio consumers.

“Talk to them about utilities related topics and energy issues,” said public information officer Luka Papalko. “We’re gonna take about energy choice, which is the program in Ohio were you have the option to go out and shop for a portion of your bill ever month. We’re also going to talk about aggregation which Zanesville is in partially, and then some conservation issues in local utilities as well.”

PUCO wants you to do your homework before responding to advertisements claiming they offer a lower rate.

“Go out do your homework. We have a lot of resources available at the And we just stress that you know what you’re signing up for, know what you’re getting into,” said Papalko.
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