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State Highway Patrol Hopes to Boost Public Awareness of Hotline Service

by Ross Caruso on May 16, 2016 at 4:46 am

The easy to dial four key combination #667 replaced the old 1-877-7-PATROL number back in 2012 in hopes of making it an easier number for people to remember to report to police if they happen to encounter a potential circumstance that might endanger others.

Matt Boyd, Lieutenant, Ohio State Highway Patrol, said that the number could be dialed for multiple scenarios.

“That can be able to report a disabled motorist, a wreck less driver, and impaired driver, suspected drug activity, human trafficking, anything like that can bring awareness to us because we cant be everywhere so we ask for the publics help.”

Boyd said he’s surprised how calls have been down since the number has been changed.

“The 2010-2012 range we got about 3000 calls a month on the old 1-877-7-PATROL, but since we have gone to the #677 the numbers have kind of diminished and we’re down to about 2500 calls per month on the tip line.”

Boyd said that they are increasing advertisements for the call number in an effort to make people more aware and most importantly, to help keep people safe.

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Ross Caruso

Ross Caruso

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