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by Ross Caruso on June 29, 2016 at 5:16 am

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Jane M. Evans is a local fiber artist that has been working in wool for many years.

She raises her own sheep on her farm, uses the wool from her sheep, dyes the wool into multiple different colors, and then uses that to create some of her incredible artwork.

“I use wool as paint, and I also use wool as clay in that I create sculptures with wool by doing a thing called needle felting, where I use needles that have little notches in them to stick together to turn it into felt.” said Evans.

Before she got into her artwork, she said that she would go to fiber shows to sell her wool for spinning that she collected from her sheep and noticed that some people were looking for smaller amounts of wool to use for what was called needle felting.

“I decided that I should give it a try myself, I started felting and making Christmas gifts for my friends and family, I then found out that this is something that I enjoy to do.”

Evans studio is located in the basement of the ZAAP Gallery at 625 Main St. in Zanesville.

Her studio is open to the public each month during the first Friday Art Walk and by appointment.

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