Brittany Clark

Rosecrans 2016 Roadsters Car Show

by Brittany Clark on June 25, 2016 at 3:45 am

Zanesville, Ohio- Nearly 20 cars lined up in front of a local school all for a good cause.

Rod Gibson, the coach of the boys soccer team for Rosecran High School told us they hosted they very first car show called the Rosecran Roadsters to raise money towards training equipment.

"This was a completely new kind of out of the box idea. Each sport is individually paid for so fundraising is a must. A lot of time you kind get the same idea so we thought lets try something different and the car show was it," said Gibson.

In order to have your car entered into the car show all you had to do was pull up, register and pay a $15 entry fee.

"It’s been really great, I think the great thing about car shows is that it gives people a chance that don’t necessarily know about cars to come up and talk to these guys that have put years and years into them and have a lot to say about them," said Gibson.

Gibson said the event turned out to be a success and they plan to have this annually.