David Carl Kinder II

Rushing Wind Biker Church Hosts Their 14th Annual ‘Bikerfest Weekend’

by David Carl Kinder II on June 11, 2016 at 3:38 am

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – This weekend Rushing Wind Biker Church is hosting their 14th annual ‘Bikerfest.’ The two-day event brings together bikers and believers for their annual celebration.

Saturday, members gathered at the Salvation Army for lunch and then a ride through the Ohio Flags of Honor Memorial at Zane’s Landing Park. Church pastor Michael McGuire said that today’s event drew 300 bikers from all across the country.

“We have bikers here from the surrounding counties and the city of Zanesville,” said McGuire. “We have one gentleman that came from San Diego, California, so this is a big event. It’s a great draw for bikers to come in and just enjoy the weekend.”

The ‘Bikerfest’ event will continue through Sunday with an event at the church at 5715 East Pike in Zanesville. McGuire said that Rushing Wind provides an alternative to more traditional churches.

“Rushing wind is a unique church in that it draw a lot of leather. A lot of ink,” said McGuire. “And maybe draws some folks that may not feel comfortable in a conservative church, but as they come to rushing wind, we’re going to preach the word of God.”

To learn more abut the church you can visit their website at www.rushingwindzanesville.com.