Brittany Clark

Training Begins for Zanesville Firefighters

by Brittany Clark on June 1, 2016 at 12:38 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – you see smoke coming from a building on Forest Ave. in Zanesville this week don’t be alarmed.

Genesis Hospital donated the structure that used to be the Good Samaritan Hospital to the Zanesville Fire Department for training purposes. Assistant Fire Chief, Doug Hobson said this will allow the department the opportunity to practice some unique training.

“We don’t get the opportunity to to train in a seven story building very often. So they’ve donated the building to us we’re going to be able to go in force doors, use the stairwell to drag hoses up. We’re going to be able to fill up some of the rooms with smoke, do search and rescue and on the exterior we’ll do ladder operations,” said Hobson.

The building, which was already planned to be demolished, will provide an invaluable experience for firefighters. Training will begin Wednesday and go on until Friday, June 10th.

“We just want to let the neighbors know that we’re in the neighborhood we’re training and I believe that ZPD is going to be training here as well as possibly the Sheriff’s department. We’re going to work together and use this facility as a great training facility for the next couple weeks,” said Hobson.

Hobson said all the firefighters are eager to get into action on what is not just regular day at the office.