Brittany Clark

Congressman Bill Johnson Discusses his Support for Small Business in Muskingum County

by Brittany Clark on July 28, 2016 at 2:19 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Congressman Bill Johnson discusses his support for small business in Muskingum County.

The National Federation of Independent Business invited Congressman Johnson to Zanesville to discuss federal issues impacting small businesses. Congressman Johnson said small businesses account for 60 percent of the jobs in America and right now businesses are hurting from over regulation.

“Today regulations take about 2 trillion dollars out of our economy, every year. That is crazy, we’re 19 trillion dollars in debt. Imagine how quickly we could get out of debt if we didn’t have that 2 trillion dollar price tag. It’s like a permission slip it doesn’t produce a product, it doesn’t build a building, it doesn’t pay an employee salary. It is a fee or a penalty paid to the federal government to do business in america,” said Congressman Johnson.

Congressman Johnson talks about the U.S Department of Labor ‘Overtime Rule” calling it’s devastating to small businesses.

“They’re taking that salary cap and almost doubling it. As twice as many people, I know 134,000 workers alone here in that are now going to qualify for overtime through the Department of Labors overtime rule. What that’s going to mean is for small businesses how are they going to pay that? It doesn’t just come out of thin air. They’re going to have to cut back hours, cut employees, hours it’s not going to produce the results that the department of labor think it is,” said Congressman Johnson.

Congressman Johnson plans to return to Washington to help overturn this new rule.