Carmel Victor

Demolition Begins For Good Samaritan Hospital

by Carmel Victor on July 11, 2016 at 12:30 pm
Demolition Begins For Good Samaritan Hospital
Photo by Quay DeVoll

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Day one of demolition has begun for Good Samaritan Hospital.

Zemba Bros Inc. Construction crews wore protective gear, hard hats and safety vest as they began to demo parts of the hospital. Project Manager Tory Jones tells us how long they think this project will take.

“We projected in this project when we first looked at it 4- 6 months,” Jones said. “Everything is going just the way we planned it. Asbestos was removed, so now we finally got everything released on our part so we can go full bore.”

Spectators are welcome to view the demo of the hospital but safety is a main concern.

“Safety is our number one priority on this project,” Safety Manager Troy Hindel. “Not only our employees but we want to protect the public as well. We have designated a parking area over off of Hazel Avenue between Laurel and Forest. The back parking lot there is a very safe place for people to come. They can park there. They can take pictures. We want to try to keep as many people out here as possible, that’s a very safe location for them to be at.”

Zemba Bros Inc. Construction is a company that’s big on the community and the environment. Jones said things that can be recycled during the demo will be recycled as such concrete and metals.