David Carl Kinder II

Ohio gas prices continue to fall

by David Carl Kinder II on July 12, 2016 at 3:49 am

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – AAA’s Gas Report is out and gas prices around the state continue to fall.

On average a gallon of gas in the Buckeye State will cost you $2.11, which is 11 cents cheaper than this time last week. We found gas for $1.99 at the Marathon on Underwood Avenue.

Jeff Kernen and his wife were stopped at Marathon Tuesday afternoon. They were traveling from Indiana to New York on motorcycle and were filling up in Zanesville. Jeff Kernen said outside of Ohio, price aren’t so cheap.

“I talked with a friend of mine in Pennsylvania last night and they are about 50 cents a gallon higher there so we’ll try to get our gas before we leave Ohio and hopefully we’ll gas up when we get back,” said Kernen.

The national average is currently slightly higher than Ohio’s at $2.23. Kernen said the low prices make traveling much more enjoyable.

“I’m glad to see them stay where they are. It’s been enjoyable this year to travel. Two years ago it was four dollars a gallon. Now it’s half of that,” said Kernen.

AAA said they expect price to continue to fall over the next few weeks.