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Summer Reading Camp Features Fun Exercise Activities For Kids

by Ross Caruso on July 13, 2016 at 4:31 am

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- John McIntire has been hosting a summer reading camp for kids across the area to help them increase their learning and reading skills.

Tara Poorman, Group Exercise Instructor and Exercise Coach at the Muskingum Recreation Center visits these summer reading camps at the library to give kids a break from reading and to help them get more active.

“The kids have been focusing on learning with they’re books and getting the they’re goal met with reading books, but we also need to teach them how to use play and exercise to keep their bodies healthy too,” said Poorman.

Poorman said that they did a lot of fun fitness games on Wednesday in the library auditorium that they could do back at home with their families.

“We did a simulation of one of our fitness classes at the gym that we teach at the rec center, using craft sticks and hitting them to the beat of the music, working the kids arms and legs. We also did a deck of cards workout challenge, which is a lot of fun, where we do different exercises for each suit and have a lot of fun exercising and moving.”

Poorman said that its important to get the kids active at an early age so it will carry on with them through the remainder of their lives.

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