Brittany Clark

Boeing Company’s 100th Year Anniversary

by Brittany Clark on August 16, 2016 at 4:11 pm

The Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority’s celebration of the Boeing company’s 100th year anniversary took place Tuesday.

During the celebration the Port Authority announced a new name for the Boeing building entrance.

“We have the largest Boeing facility in Heath, we put a new entrance on the facility. As a part of the celebration of the 100th year, we’re dedicating that entrance today, recognizing the achievements of William E. Boeing who started the company and we’re going to name the building the William E. Boeing building in recognition of a national figure and the fact that our facility capabilities are also a national asset,” said Rick Platt, President and CEO- the Heath- Newark-Licking County Port Authority.

The brief ceremony included remarks by U.S Representative, Pat Tiberi and Boeing officials. Acting Center Director,Mike Murasky said they are excited to celebrate a major milestone.

“100 years of boeing is fantastic. You couple it with this October is this sites 20th Anniversary and when you take the legacy of Boeing supporting the war fighter and combined it with the legacy with this site as it always supported the war fighter and renaming it the William E. Boeing building, it’s just a fantastic thing for us,” said Murasky.

Following the ceremonies guest were invited to attend an ice cream social provided by the Port Authority.