David Carl Kinder II

EPA representative meets with County Commissioners

by David Carl Kinder II on August 25, 2016 at 3:16 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Thursday at the Muskingum County Commissioner’s Office a representative from Ohio’s EPA was on hand to discuss concerns.

Holly Tucker represents 23 counties in Southeastern Ohio, including Muskingum County, for the EPA. Tucker said most people assume that the EPA is there to only restrict people and businesses. However, Tucker said that’s not really the case.

“Ohio EPA’s mission is to ensure that the environment is protected for the benefit of the public. That we want to make sure as environmental stewards that we know what the most important environmental concerns are to Muskingum County,” said Tucker.

The EPA also gives out money to help fund local projects, which the Commissioners said they have taken advantage of in the past. Tucker said her meeting with the County Commissioners went well.

“They were able to let me know that they have had good experiences with Ohio EPA in the past. Especially regarding funding. Ohio EPA does have a lot of funding opportunities for both wastewater and drinking water projects and that’s really good to hear,” said Tucker.

Tucker said she hopes to meet with officials in Muskingum County as often as possible.