Brittany Clark

Ohio State Highway Patrol Asks Motorists: Do you move over?

by Brittany Clark on August 5, 2016 at 3:04 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, one law enforcement officer, five tow-truck operators and 23 highway workers are killed every month in the United States due to motorists failing to move over.

Lieutenant Matt Boyd said the Ohio State Highway Patrol is asking motorists to help keep their fellow drivers and law enforcement officers safe by following Ohio’s move over law.

“The law isn’t just in place just to protect us as law enforcement but, also fire department personnel emergency squads, tow truck drivers, maintenance repair workers. The law states that anyone working alongside the roadway basically if you see flashing lights move over to an adjacent. If you can’t move over to an adjacent lane because, of traffic of because, it’s not a multiple lane highway then your required by law to slow down,” said Boyd.

Studies from 2011 to 2015 indicates factors like road conditions and impairment play a role in move over crashes in Ohio. Lieutenant Boyd said alcohol, drugs and/or a combination of both played a role in 28 percent of those crashes.

“If we can change the driving behavior of a few people at a time, that may save someone’s life in the future,” said Boyd.

If moving into another lane is not possible due to traffic or road conditions, drivers should slow down to avoid potential disaster.