Carmel Victor

State Representative Brian Hill Addressed Noon Rotarians at the Fair

by Carmel Victor on August 16, 2016 at 4:42 pm
st rep
Photo by Quay DeVoll

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Zanesville Noon Rotary Club held its weekly meeting at the Muskingum County Fair Tuesday.

The guest speaker was Ohio Representative Brian Hill. Hill spoke about what he’s been working on in the Ohio House and his experience with the Ohio State Fair.

“It’s a great time,” Representative Hill said. “A lot of activities happen at the Ohio Expo Center. This was the second largest fair we’ve had since we went to a 12 day fair. It’s just a great time. Great experience.”

Representative Hill serves on multiple committees.

“I’m working on various issues. I chair the house agriculture committee. A lot of them deal with taxation on agriculture land. Also helping guys build some structures that will help them better spread the manure and fertilizers that they need to do on their farms and do it in a timely manner, and then also looking into education reform. And how we fund kids that open enroll to private to public schools,” Hill said.

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