David Carl Kinder II

‘Buckeye Lake 2030’ hopes to make lake tourism destination

by David Carl Kinder II on September 24, 2016 at 6:57 pm

HEBRON, Ohio – At Lakewood High School Saturday morning those concerned about Buckeye Lake met to discuss a plan to improve the area.

In January of this year 300 resident in the Buckeye Lake area formed ‘Buckeye Lake 2030,’ a group that seeks to make an improvement plan for the Lake by the year 2030.

Yaromir Steiner lives in the area and serves as the group’s coordinator and said they hope to make Buckeye Lake one of the Midwest’s top tourism attractions.

“We hope to improve the lake for better boating. We want to find a solution for dredging that we can start implementing. And we hope water quality issues will be dealt with as well so it can be a swimmable lake,” said Steiner. “We hope to create economic activity year round.”

In addition they hope to add restaurants, hotels, resorts, and bike paths to the area. He said the lake’s proximity to I-70 gives it access to thousands of visitors each day in the summer.

Steiner also said the location of the lake can make it difficult to make improvements and that they need the help of civic leaders to make it a reality.

“A weaknesses of the lake is its jurisdictional divisions. It’s in three counties, three villages, and four-or-five townships. There was not a single entity concerned about this lake so we are creating a tri-county alliance and an oversight council and we hope to have a representative from every elected official around the lake,” said Steiner.

Steiner said they are accepting donations from anyone who wants to help improve the Buckeye Lake area.