Alexa Helwig

iPhone 7 launches

by Alexa Helwig on September 16, 2016 at 3:23 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The new iPhone 7 launched in stores Friday morning across the country.

Local AT&T customers made their way to Colony Square Mall to try and get their hands on the device. Many new key features have been added to the phone, making it one of the best yet.

The best and fastest way to get the new phone is to pre-order it online. Kyrie Speakman, store manager of AT&T, said this will insure that you get the exact color and memory of your choosing.

“New features of this phone include that it’s water resistant, as well as dust proof. It has a new advanced camera feature that is really awesome. Also, this is the best battery life that they’ve ever had on an iPhone,” said Speakman.

Some concerns with potential buyers, is the removal of the headphone jack. There is a way to get around that.

“They have an adapter they send out with all devices. The adapter still allows that audio jack to be possible,” said Speakman.

A new jet-black model has been added to the line of colors this time around. So far, it has been the most popular and quickest to sellout.