Alexa Helwig

Zanesville Municipal Airport to hold fly-in event

by Alexa Helwig on September 23, 2016 at 5:50 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio - The EAA Vintage Chapter 22 of Ohio is hosting a fly-in event at the Zanesville Municipal Airport Saturday morning.

A pancake breakfast will be served, and then you can enjoy rides on many of the planes. Dewey Davenport, owns a 1930 D-25 New Standard, and will be taking people on flights all weekend.

“The airplane was designed for the Gates Flying Circus back in the 20’s. It’s a Barnstorming aircraft, and it was made during the Barnstorming era just to give rides and take people up,” said Davenport.

The EAA chapter is a non-profit organization, and this event allows families to go up and enjoy a ride in some very rare planes. If you’d like to take a ride in Dewey’s plane, it costs $70 per person, and can potentially fly 150 people per day.

The event runs from 8-5 p.m. Breakfast, lunch, and food trucks will all be available. There will also be a car show. Check our for more information.