Carmel Victor

Appeals Court Judge Pat DeWine stops at Donald’s Donuts

by Carmel Victor on October 28, 2016 at 2:59 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The race for Ohio Supreme Court makes a stop in Zanesville.

Photo by Quay DeVoll

Appeals Court Judge Pat DeWine stopped at Donald’s Donuts this morning to talk about the issues of the campaign. Dewine, a republican, is the son of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. Democrats say that is a conflict of interest.

“The reality is unless my father were to personally appear in front of me there generally would not be a conflict,” DeWine said. “That’s an issue that I deal with now. The attorney general office has 100s of lawyers who appear in state court. They appear in our court. It’s never been an issue.”

DeWine said you need trial court experience to serve on the Ohio Supreme Court.

“We need people who are going to protect the constitution. I’m a constitution conservative. I’ll apply the laws written. Second, we need appeal of experience. I’m the only one who actually been a trial court judge. I understand how the decisions the court makes really affect the safety of our community. The safely of places like Zanesville,” DeWine said.

DeWine’s opponent in the election is Democrat Appellate Court Judge Cynthia Rice.