Carmel Victor

Working to Prevent Bullying

by Carmel Victor on October 2, 2016 at 9:49 pm
2016.10.02 Rise Above Bullying_1
Photo by Chase Flowers

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness month. CASS-Mind Autism Learning Center is doing its part to rise above bullying.

The CASS-Mind Academy and We Shall Rise Project Co-creator, Linda Regula joined forces to host a two day workshop. Regula said this workshop first started online but has evolved into hands on workshop. These workshops use art to increase self esteem and value. Sunday, the works of art are on display at an open house at the CASS Academy.

Michael Shelton participated in this year’s workshop. Regula described Shelton as shy young man. When he walked through the doors on Friday, and now he’s come out of his shell. During the workshop Michael created a “cyber bully.”

“There’s too many bullies that get on the computers and that’s why we made them,” Shelton said.

Regula approached Dr.McDonald to explore the use of this program with autistic students.

“Because I imagine they are bullied just like everybody else,” Regula said. “It’s very difficult to deal with. It’s difficult to deal with being different. This is sort of a counter measure that we get these kids to appreciate who they are and that they are special.”

“It was really a phenomenon to watch and to see how they articulated it with their hands, with their posture, and the calmness of the piece and their energy,” Dr. Cassandra McDonald said. “Little kids wanted to ran to do art and to see the creativity. I can see why Linda’s project is so effective, because you have so much value seeing that you’re a creative being and what you do counts and it matter.”

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