Briana Malaska

Muskingum County records are going digital

by Briana Malaska on October 20, 2016 at 5:46 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio - The Muskingum County Record Center has joined the digital age.

The center is in the process of taking their written files and converting them to microfilm and digital versions to preserve the history they contain.


Corrie Marple of Muskingum County Records Center explained the innovative process.

“What we are doing is were taking these older books that are deteriorating and we are making a digital copy of them so they’ll be accessible on computers,” said Marple. “We do the microfilm that way they are available a much longer period of time.”

The center just finished the microfilm version of the Civil War veterans record book that is now available to the public at the records center.

Marple encourages people who are interested to go to the center and have a look. Names of Civil War veterans can be found listed alphabetically.

“These books are getting older, they are decaying and every time we touch them its making them deteriorate more so having them in different forms is going to protect those documents and protect the history of the county,” said Marple.

The book can also be found online at under the “History” tab.