Briana Malaska

Muskingum University Professor talks election

by Briana Malaska on October 28, 2016 at 3:56 pm

NEW CONCORD, Ohio- Election day is right around the corner and one Muskingum University Professor shared his professional view on the race to The White House.

Associate Professor of Political Science, Brian King, said he’s been teaching the presidency for over 20 years and he has never quite seen an election like this, in several different ways.

“Some of the rules are just out, some of the things that we’ve seen, for example a lot of the things that would have killed candidates in the past just seem to be washing over Donald Trump like water off a duck,” said King. “We’ve seen a lot of scandal on the Hilary Clinton side that might’ve killed a candidate in the past.”

King also said he thinks it’s been difficult to teach in the same way that he’s been teaching.

“A lot of the conventional wisdoms that would guide a class or guide a discussion, we can’t use them for this cycle, and I’m not sure if that’s a permanent change, [it] might just be this cycle, but i have a feeling some things are changed for good,” said King.

The local professor brought the large-scale election to a small-scale as he urged the community to vote.

“Even if you hate both candidates and I can sympathize with that I’m not a fan of either party I’m not a fan of either candidate,” said King. “But there are levies on the ballot, there are issues on the ballot, there are policies that need to be decided from mayor to dog catcher to everything in between.”

In the state of Ohio, registered voters have the ability to vote early starting the day after the close of voter registration. Voters can request an absentee ballot in person at the county board of elections or at an early voting center, which are designated by the county.

“Democracy only works if we come out,” said King. “Get out there and own your democracy.”