Carmel Victor

Police Chief Kenneth Miller retires after 36 years

by Carmel Victor on October 12, 2016 at 4:48 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio– After 36 years of service the Zanesville Police Department celebrated the work of Chief of Police Kenneth Miller.

Chief Miller announced his plans for retirement in September. The day has finally come, Wednesday was Miller’s last day. Miller described the feeling as bitter sweet

“It kind of bothered you in two different ways. You look forward to it but you kind of dread it too, because this is the last day i’ll wear my uniform,” Miller said.

Miller said he enjoyed his time with the city and he appreciate the opportunity to serve as chief of police for the city of Zanesville.

“I’d like to be remembered as someone that cared about the community and about the employees of the department,after spending 36 years here you become part of the community,” Miller said.

Miller said he’s looking forward to finally able to relax. Miller’s plans for retirement is tending to his small farm and spending more time with his family.  Zanesville Mayor Jeff Tilton says Captain Doug Merry has been named interim Chief.  Merry and Captain Tony Coury will take the Chief’s Assessment test before the end of the year to determine the next Zanesville Police Chief.