Carmel Victor

A restaurant that can come to you

by Carmel Victor on October 20, 2016 at 4:11 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Food trucks have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

You can normally find Spiedie King Food truck in downtown Zanesville on Wednesdays near the court house. Food trucks are essentially a restaurant on wheels and since the restaurant is mobile they can come to you.

“We like to do private events, catering, we can set up every where and serve food as long as we can get there,” Spiedie King, Chef Mike Coveney said. “I’ve been working in this industry a long time and being in a different location definitely adds some spice.”

The Spiedie King specializes in the “Spiedie” which is a marinated grilled chicken. Coveney said it’s a regional favorite in upstate New York.

“Although we are doing Spiedie we can cook anything. If it’s on my menu it makes it really easy. We show up  and we can serve the food, if it’s off menu, that’s fine too we can do what people want,” Coveney said.

Spiedie King also added a cookie sandwich to their menu. To book Spiedie King for an event contact, (740) 624-2116.