Briana Malaska

Muskingum professor weighs in on election results

by Briana Malaska on November 9, 2016 at 6:23 pm

NEW CONCORD, Ohio- Election Day has come and gone and the country has a new president-elect.

Associate Professor of Political Science at Muskingum University, Brian King said he was shocked by the strength of the result.

“We’ve never had someone like this before, I mean this is a person the first time ever in American history where the President of the United States has never had a government office, elected position, a military commission, anything,” said King. “And he’s coming into a system that completely and totally foreign to him.”

President-elect, Donald Trump is the first elected President to not have any political or military background.

King said he was most surprised by how wrong the predictions were, but says despite the differing opinions the county needs to be Americans first.

“If we’re going to be Americans first, this needs to be a President for all of us not just the people who voted for him,” said King. “That’s going to be difficult for people that were not just in favor of another candidate but especially those who were actively opposed to his candidacy.”

King says he can not predict how the new president will execute his plan of action but believes its immensely important that the nation come together.

“We have a civic obligation to make sure that we support the President, that we support the office of the Presidency,” said King.