Carmel Victor

Briar Rabbit hosted a shooting outing

by Carmel Victor on November 25, 2016 at 4:02 pm



ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Briar Rabbit hosted a shooting outing Friday.

Avid and novice shooters got ready,  aimed, and fired at the shooting range this morning all to support a good cause.

“Everything we do here is to raise funds for the shooting sports here in the Zanesville area,” NRA, Field Rep. Marc Peugeot said. “We raise funds for 4H, Boy Scouts, and local public ranges. It’s just a way to have some fun and raise some funds for the local area.”

If you missed out on this event this morning, don’t fret, there will be gun site in at the Zanesville Rifle Club over the weekend.

“If you’re interested in getting ready for deer season, we’re going to have our rifle site in tomorrow. Come out about noon and we should be there,” Peugeot said.

The Zanesville Rifle Club is located on 7380 Surgargrove Road.