Briana Malaska

Lottery sales increase, include local gas station

by Briana Malaska on December 26, 2016 at 4:04 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Lottery sales in the Buckeye State are up this year and one local gas station can attest to this.

The Ohio Lottery has reportedly turned over a record $1.06 billion to education programs. This notable increase was seen across the state.

Jimmy Pitcock, Owner of Mother Tucker’s gas station on Sharon Avenue, said he’s noticed the increase in popularity.

“All of December, it’s steadily picked up, all the way up to Christmas,” said Pitcock. “Last week we almost doubled what we typically do in a week.”

Pitcock said they’ve had quite a few big winners.

“We’ve been pretty fortunate with the amount of winners we’ve had. We’ve had some big ones in the last couple years,” said Pitcock.

Director of the Ohio Lottery, Dennis Berg, said that they are encouraging lottery agents to expand their acceptance of credit and debit cards to boost sales.

However, Mother Tucker’s has been one step ahead of the game.

“We’ve always accepted those,” said Pitcock. “Not that many people carry cash anymore so you know you dont ever want to turn away a customer just for a couple pennies for processing.”

Pitcock said the lottery sales has brought in a lot of new faces to his store and he hopes he continues to see more.