Carmel Victor

Volunteer Drivers deliver meals to home bound residents

by Carmel Victor on December 26, 2016 at 3:15 pm

ZANESVILE, Ohio- Thanks to the help of local volunteers, a local organization delivers meals to the home bound.

Christ’s Table relies solely on donations and the help of the community to be able to provide this free service to our area residents. Volunteers drivers deliver meals to the door steps of the home bound. Joe Green has been a volunteer driver for Christ’s Table for two years.

“I wanted to make use of my time,” Green said. “I felt like volunteering here and delivering meals to people that can’t get out would be something that would be rewarding to me and help the community. Some people maybe confined to where they can’t get up and readily come to the door to receive their meals. So we put it on their doorknob we say Christ’s table. So they’ll know who’s knocking on their door.”

Each driver uses their own personal vehicle. Green said there is no mileage or gas reimbursement. Each driver is responsible for the cost of maintenance and gas for their vehicle.

“It gives you a good feeling inside to know that you’re helping those that’s a little less fortunate. There’s a lot of hungry people out there and they need to be fed. Through the donations of people we do get a lot of good meals to people and some of the stores around here are very good about donating products too,” Green said.

Green said he will continue to volunteer at Christ’s Table as long as he can.