Karysa Kent

Homeless Shelter Benefit

by Karysa Kent on February 9, 2017 at 5:34 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local organization is hosting an event to raise money for a homeless shelter.

Homeless Hands of Zanesville is hosting a benefit to help raise money to be put towards a shelter for the homeless. This organization regularly provides clothes, food, tents, blankets, and other necessities for the homeless, but Co-Founder, Tammy Clark said they need a safe space to protect them from the weather.

“We see how many are out there and there’s just under 100 that are on the streets right now in Zanesville,” Clark said. “These people just kind of fell through the cracks and we can keep forever supplying them with food and clothes and stuff, but it’s time that we get some housing for them.”

They’ll be providing a spaghetti dinner and music by Mister Joe at 4:00 P.M. Following that they’ll have a raffle, 50/50 drawing, and Chinese auction and music by Doublecut. Clark said the homeless people need a shelter especially during the winter months.

“Their clothes get wet, they get cold, they get froze, they throw them down because they’re not very good to wear them wet and froze,” Clark said. “Thank God this winter hasn’t been as brutal as some of our other ones, but they go through a lot more clothes and having a shelter they would not have to do that.”

The benefit will take place at the American Legion located on 3rd street in downtown Zanesville on March 25, 2017.

Clark has been able to stand with the homeless and she knows they have potential and some are working hard to afford a place to live. However a lot of people don’t see it her way.

“When I stand there with them and people don’t know that I’m not ‘a homeless person,” Clark explained. “They look and they roll their windows up, they roll their eyes, or they laugh at the person beside them and it’s brutal to watch that. They’re human beings.”

For more information on the benefit or on other ways to donate to the homeless community visit the Homeless Hands of Zanesville Facebook page or call Tammy Clark at (740) 617-7164.