Karysa Kent

Women of Achievement Recipients

by Karysa Kent on February 20, 2017 at 5:44 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Eight Women of Achievement Recipients have been released.

This is an annual Women of Achievement Program held and each year the women selected are those who support the community in various ways.

“They review the packets of all the nominations of which there are numerous in all the categories, so it really is a tough call for them to review all those applications and make the determinations on who the recipients are going to be,” Ohio University Zanesville’s Marketing and Public Information Officer Christine Shaw said. “So you know it’s a pretty arduous process.

The eight women who are selected each year don’t know they were even nominated in the first place.

“So when I got to call them it was pretty exciting to hear the reactions of the recipients and the humbleness of why me,” Shaw said. “So it’s really wonderful to celebrate these high achieving women who just do what they do every day because they want to make our community a better place to live and work.”

These women are hard-working and are often nominated due to their community involvement and hard work.

“They are nominated by community members either past recipients, colleagues in the work place, or business owners,” Shaw said. “It’s just a number of individuals. You know they’re touching lives, just one life at a time.”

2017 Women of Achievement Award Recipients

Makala Dodson, Ethel Granger Schultz Young Adult
Brenda Larrick, Mary Townsend Professions
Roberta (Bobbi) Lepi, Mary Vashti Funk Business
Susan McDonald, Aldine Roach Flegal Special Recognition
Dr. Halle Randles, Winifred K. Vogt Education Award
Sister Bernadette Selinsky, Lifetime Service Award
Claire Tiberio, Josephine Phillips Health Care Award
Jade Willett, Bright Futures Award