Nathaniel Shutt

Artist of the Month

by Nathaniel Shutt on March 1, 2017 at 4:44 pm


Zanesville, Ohio- Local artists prepare for the monthly art walk this Friday.

The art walk will take place in downtown Zanesville from 5 to 8pm and feature local artists including Joel Yeager who was named artist of the month by the Zanesville Art Colony. Yeager specializes in painting, sculpting and writing poetry and describes how one of his pieces called gateway came to be.

“I removed a piece of my pontoon boat  which I had down at Burr Oak Lake where I lived and I folded it in half,a piece of metal, and it became another boat. It became an amalgamation of many different parts of things I kept finding. I worked on it for about two or three years.”

Yeager started his career in Perry County before getting involved with the Zanesville Art Scene for over 20 years.

“I ran the Rendville Art Works for 15 years which is down around Corning and it’s a place where people with disabilities made art. I retired and decided to move to the Zanesville Artist Colony.”

Yeager’s art will be displayed on the 2nd floor at 39 south Seventh Street as part of the Art Walk.